Meet MARS’ real estate development
and marketing solution, which transforms
the potential of your property.

Who is MARS?

MARS is a Turkish based, globally minded, real estate sales organization, exclusively managing the international sales operations of some of Turkey’s most reputable developers. We are a pure B2B business platform for developers looking to market their projects internationally and for international firms that want to tap into the demand for the Turkish CIP and/or simply offer prime real estate investment opportunities to their esteemed clientele.

All international investor that intend to purchase properties from our developers must go through MARS and must be accompanied by a referring agency (we call referring agents our “Solutions Partners”) – MARS nor our developers engage in direct B2C sales.

MARS with Numbers & Figures

  • Work with top 5 real estate developers in Turkey (Ege Yapı, MESA, RAMS, Fer Yapı, As Yapı)
  • Real estate project management for 20+ brands
  • 2000+ property sales with solution partners
  • Property sales service more than 70 different nationalities
  • Globally connected to 40+ countries, 5 continents
  • 4000+ Solution partners 
  • Services in 16 languages

Why Choose Us?


We deeply understand the challenges and concerns that may arise during home-buying. Our team is well-skilled in the challenges of the local market and will offer expert guidance to agents every step of the way.

Personalized Approach

We recognize that each home buyer has different preferences and requirements. Our skilled team strives to understand investors’ expectations, preferences, and budget, ensuring we present agents with options that are suitable for investors of agents’ lifestyle and financial goals.

Extensive Property Listings: Our comprehensive database features many properties, including single-family homes, flats, apartments, villas, and more. We carefully list based on investors’ criteria, providing diverse options that suit their preferences.

Supportive Guidance

Selling a property can be difficult, but you don’t have to navigate the process alone with us. We provide:

  • Continuous support and guidance.
  • Answering your questions.
  • Addressing your concerns.
  • Offering valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Negotiation and Closing

Our skilled negotiators work tirelessly to secure your best possible deal. We handle your all negotiations with buyers, ensuring you get the most favorable terms. Additionally, we assist you throughout the closing process, providing a perfect and peaceful experience.

After-Sales Service: Our relationship continues once your investors purchase a property. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with agents. Whether agents need assistance with property management, renovations, or any other recommendations, we are here to help even after the sale.

Experience the Difference in Real Estate Investment

Choosing a home is an important milestone, and at MARS, we are dedicated to making it a positive and fulfilling experience for home buyers and agents. With our expertise, personalized approach, and continuous support, we exceed both buyers and agents’ expectations and guide them toward finding the perfect property that reflects their individuality and choices.

Contact us today and let us develop this exciting journey together!