6 Jul, 2023
Real Estate Investment Strategies

Notaries Are Now Authorized to Real Estate Sales Contracts

A significant milestone has been reached in real estate sales as, as of July 4th, creating real estate sales contracts at notaries is now possible. This new development allows notaries to verify all consistent information related to the sold property and facilitate the sales procedures. So, how will this process work and what advantages await potential real estate buyers?

The Role of Notaries and the Control Process in Real Estate Sales

The Ministry of Justice and the Union of Turkish Notaries have enabled real estate sales transactions. People can get their title deeds from notaries. Those interested in selling their property can choose their preferred notary by accessing the e-Application page on the Union of Turkish Notaries’ website. This new regulation introduces a notary appointment system for real estate sales transactions, where essential details such as the parties’ information, the property’s real estate tax value, the sale price, and required documents are processed and uploaded.

Notaries will verify these applications through the Land and Cadastre Sharing System. If there are no obstacles to the sales transaction, notaries will provide appointments to the parties involved. This means that all properties, including houses, offices, shops, plots, and fields, can now transact at notaries.

Pricing and Fees: Notary Fees in Addition to the Title Deed Fee

Apart from the fees associated with sales transactions, notaries will charge an additional cost during this process. The payment will be determined based on the property’s value and can range from a minimum of 500 TL to a maximum of 4,000 TL. Property owners will receive an SMS notification regarding the property sale and can then visit the chosen notary to make the payment. This ensures property owners and buyers can securely carry out sales transactions through notaries.

Advantages of Real Estate Sales at Notaries for Investors

With the implementation of this new system starting from July 4th, real estate sales transactions will now be conducted at notaries. This approach aims to expedite and secure the process, ultimately reducing disputes between the involved parties. Another advantage is that notaries will be available on weekends, allowing sales transactions to occur even on these days. This accelerates the overall process for both real estate buyers and sellers.

In Conclusion

Notaries will play a prominent role in real estate sales in this new era, guaranteeing more reliable and transparent transactions. Both buyers and sellers will feel more secure throughout the process, which will be conducted under the supervision of notaries.

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