5 May, 2023
Real Estate Market Analysis

Turkish Real Estate Market: What Will 2023 Bring?

Globalization, the intertwining of social life, work, and daily life have pushed people to prefer real estate projects that are more functional, touching their own lives. At the same time real estate projects could be compatible with nature and the world. Considering these developments in Turkey, which is a pioneer in the real estate sector, “people-oriented” projects are expected to stand out in 2023. Thus, what will be the trends in the real estate sector in 2023?

General Trends in the Turkish Real Estate Sector

The Turkish real estate market has seen an upsurge in demand for residential and commercial properties, as well as a rise in infrastructure projects. Foreign investors have been attracted to Turkey’s lucrative investment environment. Rising rents and regional appreciation still make real estate investment attractive in Turkey. With the outlook for the sector remaining positive, the Turkish real estate market looks set to continue growing in 2023.

Turkish real estate market

Urban Mobility Will Remove Boundaries in Real Estate Projects

Urban mobility will change how real estate projects are designed in Turkey. Advancements in urban mobility, regeneration, and transportation options are expected to unlock new opportunities for real estate projects in cities.

By utilizing new technologies and connecting different locations with efficient transportation, real estate developers will remove the boundaries traditionally imposed by distance and geography. Moreover, Improved transportation options, like high-speed rail, will create new opportunities for real estate development in previously inaccessible areas. This will provide people with more affordable housing options and greater access to the attractions of cities.

Sustainable Projects Will Become More Attractive in Turkish Real Estate Market

As the need for green buildings rises, sustainable real estate developments are expected to become increasingly appealing in 2023 in Turkey. Buyers and investors are increasingly opting for homes that use renewable resources. Furthermore, these homes are more energy-efficient due to growing environmental concerns. Furthermore, sustainable real estate developments frequently have reduced maintenance costs, better comfort, and higher resilience to natural disasters. As such, real estate developers who prioritize sustainability in their projects may gain a competitive advantage in the market. Thus, it attracts a wider range of buyers and investors.

Luxurious, Yet Functional Projects Will Be More Preferred

As the world moves forward in 2023, customers will begin to look for luxurious yet functional real estate projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and provide the amenities they need. In addition, these projects must provide a unique offering that stands out from the traditional housing market.

Therefore, the real estate sector in Turkey will offer a higher level of quality, convenience, and efficiency to customers. Inside, the use of advanced materials and high-end finishes will create a luxurious atmosphere. Smart home features will provide convenience and security, while innovative designs will maximize the space and provide ample storage. With such luxurious yet functional projects, customers will be more likely to choose them in 2023.

Furthermore, technology innovations such as smart home systems, 5G connectivity, and virtual reality are also expected to enhance the appeal of real estate projects and attract more buyers and investors.

How MARS is Preparing for Real Estate Trends in 2023?

As MARS, we offer a unique opportunity for developers to expand their global reach and market their projects to international buyers. As a pure B2B business platform, MARS provides a range of services to support developers in their sales operations, from market research and lead generation to marketing and sales support.

By partnering with MARS, developers can access a wide range of international buyers and tap into new markets. It is helping them to achieve their growth and expansion goals through the MARS ecosystem. With its global mindset and focus on real estate sales, MARS is well-positioned to help developers in global arena.

Conclusion and Findings

Based on current trends and market analysis, the real estate sector in Turkey is expected to remain strong in 2023. Turkish real estate market has a potential for adaptability of clients’ desires and expectations to real estate projects. Factors such as the country’s growing population and the government’s commitment to urbanization are likely to drive growth in the sector. Moreover, the potential for innovative methods in the real estate sector also reboost the construction of reputable projects. With the increasing demand for rental properties and the availability of financing options, the sector is likely to remain attractive.


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