5 May, 2023
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Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Istanbul is a dynamic and culturally rich city connecting Europe and Asia, making it a unique and desirable destination for tourists, ex-pats, and real estate investors. With over 16 million people, Istanbul offers diverse neighborhoods with distinct characters and investment potential.

This blog will explore some of the best neighborhood for real estate investment in Istanbul, considering location, transportation, amenities, and future development plans. Istanbul offers many real estate projects, from high-end luxury properties to more affordable investment opportunities. Thus, we can discover this fascinating city’s best neighborhoods for real estate investment.

best neighborhoods for real estate investment

Factors to Take Account When Investing in Real Estate in Istanbul

Sometimes, people ask themselves, “Is buying a property in Istanbul a good investment?” The answer is total “Yes!” Investing in real estate in Istanbul can be a lucrative and profitable opportunity, but it’s essential to consider various factors before purchasing. Here are some main factors to keep in mind if you think about buying real estate in Istanbul:

Determine the Location

Istanbul is a sprawling city with many different neighborhoods; however, some districts have strategic locations regarding city facilities and land value, each with unique character and investment potential. When choosing a site, consider proximity to public transportation, popular attractions, and business hubs.

Market Trends

Keep an eye on real estate market trends in Istanbul to ensure you’re making a sound investment. Also, look for areas experiencing growth and development, as these tend to have the most potential for appreciation.

Property Type

Istanbul offers a range of property types, from high-end luxury apartments to more affordable housing options. Consider your budget and investment goals when choosing a property type.

Rental Income Potential

If you plan to rent out your property, consider factors such as rental rates in the area and demand for rental properties.

Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey economically and with population growth. Istanbul’s strategic location, growing economy, strong rental market, affordable real estate prices, and government incentives make Istanbul an attractive destination for real estate investment. Therefore, you will see the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live and invest in.


Şişli is a popular residential and commercial district on the European side of Istanbul. It’s a densely populated area that offers a range of investment opportunities for real estate investors. In addition, Şişli is home to several high-end residential developments, shopping centers, and office buildings, making Şişli an attractive destination for those looking to invest in commercial or residential real estate. The district has become a popular destination for investment due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, convenient location, and world-class amenities.

One of the most prominent features of Şişli is its reputation as a business hub. The district has many corporate headquarters, making it a popular destination for business travelers and investors. Additionally, Şişli has a well-developed transportation network, including a central metro station and bus stops, making Şişli easy for people to access the district from other parts of Istanbul.

Şişli is also known for its entertainment and luxury facilities. The district is home to many high-end shopping centers, including Cevahir Mall, Trump Tower, Astoria, and so on. Şişli is also home to Nişantaşı, a popular neighborhood known for its luxurious boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Nişantaşı is a hub for fashion and style, making it a popular destination for high-end shoppers and fashion enthusiasts.


Kağıthane is a rapidly developing neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. It has become a popular destination for investment due to its central location, proximity to major business districts, and recent revitalization efforts.

One of the most significant advantages of Kağıthane is its location. It is close to central districts such as Maslak, Levent, Mecidiyeköy, and Taksim and important connection roads such as the TEM Highway and E-5.

Kağıthane is also home to various cultural and educational institutions, including Atlas University and Haliç University. These institutions attract students and professionals worldwide, making Kağıthane a diverse and vibrant community.

In addition to its commercial and educational offerings, Kağıthane has also become a popular destination for entertainment and leisure. The neighborhood has many parks, restaurants, and cafes, offering many options for relaxing and unwinding.

Overall, Kağıthane is a rapidly developing neighborhood attracting investors and residents alike. Its central location, proximity to major business districts, and recent revitalization efforts make it an ideal destination for those who want to live and work in the heart of Istanbul.


There are several reasons why people might choose to make real estate investments in Sarıyer. First, Sarıyer is close to Maslak, one of the central business hubs in Istanbul. This makes it an attractive location for professionals who work in the area, as it provides a convenient choice.

One of the most prominent features of Sarıyer is its abundance of greenery. The district has many parks, forests, and natural reserves, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air. Sarıyer also boasts stunning views of the Bosphorus, adding charm and appeal.

In addition to its natural beauty, Sarıyer is also known for its historical significance. The district has many historical landmarks, including the Rumeli Hisarı Fortress and the Sait Halim Pasha Mansion. These places offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history and provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about the cultural heritage of Istanbul.

Sarıyer is also well-equipped with modern social facilities. The district has a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues, ensuring that residents have access to all the amenities they need. Additionally, the district is known for its excellent schools and healthcare facilities, making it an ideal location for families and individuals looking to settle down.


Üsküdar, an ancient residential area of Istanbul, perfectly combines traditional and modern living. The shoreline of Üsküdar, which extends between Beykoz and Kadıköy, offers a stunning view of Istanbul’s historical peninsula, where famous landmarks like Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, and Blue Mosque are located.

For an exquisite night experience, visitors can take a boat to the Maiden’s Tower on the Bosphorus. Salacak, one of the oldest residential areas of Üsküdar, offers many luxury apartments with breathtaking Bosphorus views. Harem, the intercity bus station on the Anatolian side, is just a ten-minute cab ride from Üsküdar. Moreover, you can use the first undersea rail tunnel called Marmaray to connect the Asian and European sides.

There are also some specific gentrified areas in Üsküdar. Kuzguncuk, known for its historical wooden houses and green spaces, is an excellent neighborhood for those who want to invest in properties in Istanbul. Furthermore, there are lots of historical places in Üsküdar to visit there. Beylerbeyi Palace is a popular weekend destination on the route to Çengelköy.

Üsküdar is also suitable for workers and university students both for living and working. Altunizade, a financial and residential area, is the gateway to the first Bosphorus Bridge. In Altunizade, many luxury investments provide a secure and peaceful environment in the middle of the city.

MARS: Your Gateway to the Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul

MARS is a Turkish-based real estate organization with a global outlook, exclusively managing the international sales operations of some of Turkey’s most reputable developers. As MARS, we allow developers to market their projects internationally and showcase their properties to a global audience.

At MARS, we understand that each neighborhood in Istanbul has its unique appeal, and we work closely with our developers to ensure that we offer properties that meet the needs and preferences of our international clients.


In conclusion, MARS is your gateway to the best neighborhoods in Istanbul. Our portfolio includes a range of properties that offer prime locations, world-class amenities, and stunning views. So, if you want to invest in Istanbul’s real estate market, contact MARS today and let us help you find your dream property.

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