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Real Estate Development Consultancy

In the world of real estate, MARS is redefining the traditional approach to selling. No longer an afterthought, selling begins at the very beginning of the development process. At MARS, sales management is not just a result but a journey.

By conducting thorough needs analyses and identifying the target audience, we help developers to design real estate projects that attract investors. Whether residential, office, commercial, or industrial spaces, MARS offers expert development consultancy, bringing residences, agencies, and investors together within their target audience.

Our development consultancy services iclude everything from evaluating the land with our trusted partners to designing the perfect architectural solution for the project. In addition, we rightly handle pricing, apply effective marketing and sales strategies, and provide on-site management.

As the most valuable business partner to real estate developers, MARS helps a collective mindset that ensures every aspect of the project is constructed without problem. With MARS by your side, excellence becomes a standard.


Marketing Management

Elevate your real estate project with MARS, where marketing transcends conventional advertising. We understand that marketing is the art of crafting your unique brand identity. So how do we achieve this? By seamlessly merging strategy with creativity!

At MARS, we empower real estate agencies to establish a distinct brand presence and fulfill their communication requirements. Our comprehensive services include project naming, corporate identity design, stunning renderings, captivating advertising and campaigns, strategic media planning and purchasing, impactful public relations, and more. We handle all domestic and international marketing activities from one source, employing multiple innovative applications.

With MARS as your guiding force, we will navigate and direct your existing communication suppliers, ensuring streamlined collaboration.

The MARS ecosystem is a vibrant hub that full of a diverse community of national and international real estate marketing experts. Together, we prove the full potential of your project, leaving an unforgettable mark on the industry. So join forces with MARS and witness marketing excellence that knows no bounds. Let your brand shine like never before!



Sales Services at MARS

Selling is the first step in a real estate endeavor. It is an integral part of development. A real estate project that offers an excellent lifestyle meets its investors.

As a service ecosystem, MARS connects its stakeholders in the industry for the most practical sales experience. The expertise of MARS is to bring the citizens of the world to the city they want to live in and to enable them to connect with that country, city, and project.

MARS constructs and personally manages domestic and international sales processes for developers. It establishes experience offices and provides human resources. In addition, MARS creates reporting systems with CRM integration. Through this way, MARS follows your customers from pre-sales to aftersales.

MARS has a sales network of thousands of agents operating in 40 countries. It undertakes the feeding and management of this network visually and strategically. It facilitates the domestic and sales processes of the project and solves them on behalf of the developer.





After-sales Services at MARS

At MARS, we understand that completing a real estate project is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter. We recognize the importance of after-sales services in improving your brand image and paving the way for future success.

Our after-sales services are designed to provide comprehensive support and ensure your continued success. From interior designs to perfecting project management, we do everything to maximize the value and attractiveness of your real estate projects. In addition, our experienced citizenship officers are on hand to guide you through the intricacies of acquiring institutional citizenship, opening doors to a world of opportunities.